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Rashmi Rekha was born and grew up in Varanasi, India. As a child, Rashmi showed exceptional art skills and potential at an early age and won several interschool art competitions. Although she studied physics and has professional standing in the field of information technology and Business management, she never stopped painting at any time in her life. She learnt the techniques of drawing by a famous artist from Bengal who was living in Kanpur in 1972. She pursued her training in visual arts mostly through self-studies and observations. She also received first-hand experience through short term apprenticeship with Ottawa’s renowned artists Nym Gautama.
For many years Rashmi experimented with different techniques and mediums including water colours, oil and batik on different surfaces of wood, fabric and canvas.

Her more recent work are been in oil and acrylic mostly on canvas. She feels perfectly confident in effortlessly switching between them depending on the subject, size and the urgency of completing the artwork.

Rashmi’s paintings are included in several private collections in Canada, USA, Dubai and India. Several of her paintings adorn the walls of private business in Ottawa, Canada. She has regularly sold her paintings at her favourite charities to raise funds.

Rashmi Rekha is also the producer of the award winning feature film, “A PASSAGE TO OTTAWA” , which was released in North America and throughout the world in 2002.